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Replacing Your Missing Teeth From The Roots Upward

If you’re looking for a more advanced and permanent tooth replacement solution, we offer dental implants in Sun City West, AZ. They’re the only treatment that restores the entire structure of your missing tooth or teeth, including the roots. This key difference allows implants to offer a variety of special benefits, such as the preservation of your jawbone and facial structure.

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What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a small, biocompatible titanium post that we place beneath your gumline to restore the root of your missing tooth and anchor your restoration. Once placed, implants will fuse with your jawbone through a process called osseointegration. Then, we’ll attach an abutment on top, which is the piece that will eventually secure your customized crown, bridge, or denture to the implant.

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer countless unique benefits that distinguish them from traditional restorations. Some of these include:

  • Stop jawbone deterioration.
  • Enhanced ability to speak and chew food.
  • Look and function just like natural teeth
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Can last over 35 years with minimal maintenance.
  • No slipping or shifting.
  • No alteration of healthy teeth required for placement.
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Dental Implant Solutions

The best way to learn whether you could benefit from dental implants is to schedule a consultation with our team. During this appointment, we’ll collect images of your mouth and conduct a visual examination to determine whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

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Missing One Tooth

To fill a gap caused by a single missing tooth, we can place one dental implant below the gumline. Once your gums heal and the post fuses with your jawbone, we will secure a custom-crafted dental crown to it.

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Missing Multiple Teeth

For multiple missing teeth in a row, we can use a dental bridge that’s held in place by two dental implants located on either side of the gap. Instead of having to alter your healthy teeth like with a traditional bridge, this option uses the strength of the implants to provide optimal security.

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Missing All of Your Teeth

If you’re looking for a more stable alternative for a full or partial denture, we can utilize dental implants as a strong and sturdy foundation for your prosthetic. To place a full denture, we’ll insert four to eight dental implants along the arch to attach it to the jawbone. For a partial denture, the number of implants will be determined based on the location and number of missing teeth.

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Some patients love the idea of dental implants but don’t want to have to live without their permanent replacement teeth for several months as their gums heal after surgery. In this case, you’ll probably welcome the idea of Teeth-in-a-Day, which is where we’ll place a temporary denture the same day as your implant surgery!

Partner with the Best

At Arizona Smile Design, we want to ensure that our patients have a wonderful and complication-free experience during the dental implant process. That’s why we partner with some of the most seasoned and knowledgeable oral surgeons in our area to conduct all implant placements. By doing this, we’re able to ensure the best results. Once your surgery is completed, our skilled team will handle the rest of your treatment.

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Cost of Dental Implants

The dental implant process will be customized to fit your unique needs and situation. During your initial consultation, we’ll gather all of the information we need to create a timeline for your procedure and calculate the total cost. Our team will be more than happy to discuss any financing options available to you and outline the details of your particular dental implant treatment during your visit!

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Dental Implant FAQs

If you’re interested in replacing your missing teeth from the roots upward, dental implants in Sun City West offer the perfect solution. This unique method of replacing missing teeth both above and below the gumline is completely different than dentures and dental bridges, so it’s natural to want to learn more. For your convenience, we’ve gathered some common questions about dental implants below. If you don’t see the information you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

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Am I A Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

If you’re missing one, several, or all your teeth, there’s a good chance that dental implants are right for you! Typically, you’ll need three things to be considered a good candidate:

Good overall health: You’ll need to be healthy enough to undergo minor surgery.

Great oral health: Your smile needs to be free of cavities and gum disease.

Adequate jawbone density: Your jawbone needs to be strong enough to support dental implants.

However, even if you don’t think you’re an ideal candidate for dental implants, come see your Sun City West dentist for a consultation anyway! We can work with you to make a plan for getting you on track and ready for your new smile.

How Long Does It Take to Get Dental Implants?

Once the titanium implant posts have been placed into your jawbone, they’ll need time to fuse with the surrounding bone tissue. While factors like your health, oral hygiene, and number of dental implants will influence the length of this process, it will generally take between four and six months for your mouth to heal. However, the unmatched comfort, functionality, and longevity dental implants provide is well worth the wait!

If you’re missing all your teeth, you may be able to rebuild your smile in a single day. With All-on-4/ Teeth-in-a-Day, you can have a full denture placed the same day as your implant surgery! Then, this temporary denture will be replaced after a few months with your permanent one.  

How Are Dental Implants Cared for?

Dental implants look and function just like natural teeth, and they can be cared for just as easily too! You won’t need to buy any extra cleaning tools or make any changes to your daily dental routine. You can care for your dentures with great oral hygiene habits, such as:

Brushing for two minutes twice a day, flossing daily, and rinsing with mouthwash regularly.

Refraining from using your teeth as tools to open packages, containers, and bottles.

Quitting bad habits like smoking, chewing tobacco, and chewing on hard objects.

Is Dental Implant Surgery Painful?

At first, hearing that getting dental implants requires minor surgery may sound daunting. However, you have absolutely nothing to fear! We partner with some of the best oral surgeons in Sun City West to ensure that this step towards your new smile is as smooth and comfortable as possible. Most patients are pleased to find that thanks to modern numbing medications and placement techniques, dental implant surgery isn’t painful at all! After the surgery, you’ll likely feel some discomfort, swelling, and bruising as your mouth heals. You’ll be prescribed pain medication to ease the soreness, and you can manage the rest of your symptoms with ice packs and rest.

Ready to see if this life-changing treatment is right for you? Give us a call today to schedule your consultation!