8 Myths About Metal Braces, Busted!

8 Myths About Metal Braces, Busted!

Has your dentist recently told you that you need metal braces? If so, you might be a bit anxious; after all, even when all of the knowledge we could ever want is at our fingertips, there is a great deal of misinformation out there about this classic method of orthodontic treatment. To help ease your worries, let’s bust eight myths about metal braces in Sun City West.

1. Braces Set Off Metal Detectors

There’s no need to worry that your braces will activate a metal detector and you won’t be allowed on an airplane. Braces are not made of the kind of metal that TSA agents are looking for.

2. Your Braces Will Eventually Rust

Metal plus water equals rust, right? Not when it comes to braces. They’re usually made with a titanium alloy that will keep them rust-free for up to several years.

3. Having Braces Increases Your Risk of Being Struck by Lightning

This myth was probably made up just to scare people with braces. It is definitely not true. Wearing braces does not affect your likelihood of being struck by lightning.

4. Braces Interfere with Radio Signals or Other Technology

The type of metal your braces are made with might look kind of like a radio antenna, but don’t worry – your braces will not conduct radio signals. Similarly, they will not mess with any of the signals given off by other electronic devices, such as your TV, computer, or video game system.

5. You Can’t Play Sports with Braces

Braces shouldn’t impact your athletic performance. As long as you wear a protective mouthguard, it’s perfectly safe to play sports when you have braces.

6. Your Braces Will Always Hurt

People who have had braces may tell you this, but the truth is that your braces should not hurt. They may cause some minor discomfort, especially when you first get them put on or after having them adjusted, but you shouldn’t experience outright pain.

7. Braces Are Only for Kids and Teenagers

Admittedly, if someone is going to get braces in Sun City West, they are most likely going to get them in their youth. However, braces are a good treatment option for patients of any age. In fact, they are often the most suitable choice for patients with severe orthodontic issues.

8. Treatment with Braces Takes a Long Time

It’s a common misconception that you’ll have to spend years and years wearing braces. The average person finishes their treatment in only eighteen months!

Now that you understand a little bit more about metal braces, you should have nothing to fear about your treatment. Once you get them placed, you’ll have an attractive, straight smile before you know it!

About the Author

Dr. Kevin Mueller has more than 40 years of experience in the dental field, the last 16 of which have been at Arizona Smile Design in Sun City West, AZ. He is considered an expert in TMJ therapy, which often goes hand-in-hand with orthodontics. If you’re interested in learning more about metal braces and how they can help you, feel free to visit Dr. Mueller’s website or call his office at 623-474-3343.